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Carding All Players
The Illinois Herald-Review reported that the Illinois Gaming Board is considering the "card-everyone" idea as a way to catch those who voluntarily have agreed to be arrested if they board...
Blackjack Card Counting — Is It Worth It?
Article by Sacha Tarkovsky Can you make a lot of money using basic strategy and blackjack card counting? If you think about it, the odds are not as good as they may seem. Here's why.. Basic Strategy The house edge can be diminished to just less than 1%, if the player uses basic strategy. Blackjack card counting is then supposed to put the odds really in favor of the player, but does it do it enough to make it worthwhile? You can play with a small advantage with basic strategy, now lets look how much better we can make the odds with blackjack card counting. The Myth Of Card Counting Blackjack card counting was introduced by an IBM computer scientist, Edward O. Thorp who published "Beat the Dealer" in 1962. The book introduced card counting to a global audience and many were attracted to its logic and method. Essentially the blackjack card counting Thorpe introduced considered the ten-valued cards and the Aces as "positive", and the cards 2 to 6 as "negative". If the net result in the remaining deck was positive, the player must increase the bet size. The method had visible results when only one deck was used and very few cards remained in the deck. You won't get rich card counting! The casinos now use multiple deck blackjack decks which make the number of cards coming out more and the odds of card counting working decline. Let's make an assumption That blackjack card counting, realistically CAN give a 1.5 - 2% advantage to the player over, with the advantage of a single deck, so things can only get worse on games with more decks or unfavorable rules. 1.5 - 2% is a narrow margin if you are trying to make a good income out of it, for the effort involved! Card counting is NOT a predictive theory The fact is, blackjack card counting is not a predictive theory as many novices believe; it simply tries to crudely calculate the odds of cards coming out of the pack. There are huge number of permutations of cards coming out, so even if the odds are in your favor, doesn't mean you are going to win! You need to play for a long time for the odds to even themselves out. Of course, over a long period of time (and I mean long) things will even themselves out, but there will be a lot of ups and downs in between of equity to smooth out. If you think about it, when the best advantage you can get is up to 2% in a best case scenario, are you going to make enough money to make the effort you put in worthwhile? Do the maths and figure it out for yourself. There is not enough room in this article to cover all the mathematics, but it's a lot of effort for a very small return overtime. Don't waste your time blackjack card counting If you want to make big money in relation to effort, you need another game where you can increase your advantage to a level where you can earn BIG money and this means competing directly against other players A better return for the effort So forget blackjack card counting and learn poker. Why? Not only can you calculate odds and have a strategy, you also have a lot of ways to get the better of your opponent through psychological strategy and win big. keep in mind, you don't even have to have the best hand to win! Poker presents a better challenge and a better opportunity to win Big Money. How many rich card counters have you heard of? If you believe that there are blackjack card counters who have made huge money, search the net and see how many you find with substantiated winnings. Next, try a search against poker players who have made a fortune and you will see for yourself. Find out more about casino games and getting a playing edge... For more on blackjack card counting, tips, strategies and free e-zines on all casino game, go to
Gambling, Even On Super Bowl, Is Illegal
Gaston County District Attorney Mike Lands said all people arrested for betting on sporting events would be prosecuted as long as gambling, including office pools, remains illegal in North Carolina
Give The Gift Of Knowledge
The holidays are here again and if you are like me, you are probably searching for the right gift to give someone on your list. May I suggest you give...
Penny Megabucks Hits Again
Tony Pieper from Dallas, Texas, hit the second largest penny Megabucks jackpot was hit in Las Vegas at the Casino Royale and Hotel. Pieper hit the $11,319,297 top prize after...
Are You Ready For Some . . . Gambling?
You can bet on the coin flip. Heads or tails. Panthers or Patriots. You can bet on the first penalty and the first punt. Super Bowl Sunday to the compulsive gambler is like New Year s Eve to the alcoholic
Internet Blamed For Gambling epidemic
About 70 per cent of the new members are addicted to computer gambling. We've had businessmen and sportsmen coming in, several of whom are finding themselves addicted to internet gambling
Online Gambling Ban Doomed To Fail
While such policies might spring from a moral viewpoint, they are unlikely to succeed in limiting online betting. Because Internet gaming operations are often located outside of the U.S., there is little Washington can do to restrict their actions
Reasons To Play Blackjack
Article by Ryan D. Blackjack is by far the most popular table game at online casinos. The reason for this is that if blackjack is played to a correct strategy, the house edge is less than one percent. This is the lowest house edge of any table game. However, most casinos plan based on a house edge of around two per cent. This is simply because they know that most people will not play a correct strategy. Many players give the house a massive advantage by playing erratically ("I know the blackjack has to come right now!"). So, betting decisions made by the player actually affect the advantage that the house holds. In games like roulette, the house edge is 5.26%. Each spin is a completely independent event. The house edge therefore does not change, and cannot be influenced by the player. In blackjack, events are dependent. This is because as each card is drawn, the possible outcomes of future draws change, as the deck has changes. The more big cards remain in the deck, the more the player is favored. Advantage constantly shifts back and forth between the player and the dealer. Herein lies the basis of card counting. Successful card counters know when the odds favor them, but card counting is a subject all on its own. The issue is that you do not need to be a card counter to bring the house edge down to near one percent. A mathematically strategy is possible because the dealer and the player are constrained to a set of rules. Basic blackjack strategy has been known for years and many simulations have been run by experts to devise a strategy. With a basic strategy, the player will decide the action to take based on the exposed cards. This will involve hitting or standing on that basis. In blackjack you want to beat the dealer and get as close as possible to 21. As the player always acts first, you want to sometimes stand on a lower hand in the hope that the dealer will draw a card that will result in a bust. Even if the dealers bust, players who have already bust always lose. Therefore, players have to learn how to play a hand correctly to insure the best outcome based on the mathematically correct strategy. Blackjack is fun and allows for a correct mathematical strategy, and it is not hard to learn. The great thing about online blackjack is that you can play with the strategy chart right next to you, and make correct decisions on that basis. Read more about playing blackjack and other Online Gambling games at
Online Poker Victory Predicted
The panelists of keynote discussion at the G2E on Wednesday discussed the outlook of internet gambling in the United States. The panel included former Senator Alfonse D'Amato, chairman of the...
Super Bowl A Concern For Problem Gambling
All the hoopla on Super Bowl Sunday gets everybody hyped up about the game. But for some the score on the scoreboard is what it s all about. For most people recreational gambling is not a problem, but it can prove to be a serious public health risk to others
There is a mystique surrounding the game of Baccarat that makes it intimidating to the average player. Many players don't even give the game a second look because they think...

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Online Gambling Ban Doomed To Fail

Super Bowl A Concern For Problem Gambling

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